Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Watery Wednesday: Orange, Pineapple & Rosemary Infused Water

It's Watery Wednesday today! I hope everyone has been meeting their water goals!

I have found as long as I'm not super busy and I'm at home I meet my goal of a gallon of water a day with no problem. However, I'm struggling when I'm gone much throughout the day. I need to be sure and carry water with me everywhere I go and if my current water bottle isn't working I need to think about getting a new one. I don't know about you, but I do much better if I have a straw. It seems to go down a lot faster and I seem to get down a lot more.

I and my family are loving the flavored waters and I need to keep making them and have them available so we I can get in more water.

This Orange, Pineapple & Rosemary Water "recipe" I'm sharing today is an absolute favorite and will be making over and over again. It's similar to one my husband and I have had at various hotels so I used that as inspiration and went with what I had at home.

You will need some pineapple, orange, rosemary, ice and water and of course a pitcher. 

Grab yourself some fresh rosemary, about 4-6 sprigs. 

I'm pretty lucky to have my own Rosemary and some little helpers. 
I know that this makes it taste that much better! 

Slice or cube some pineapple. You won't need much I just did a little bit, maybe 1/2 cup of diced. 

Slice up some orange, I used half of one orange. *One trick I use on all my lemons, limes or oranges when I want more of their juice is I roll them for a about 15-20 seconds before I cut them. It makes the juice just come right out. 
Add the Rosemary, Pineapple, and Orange slices with some water and ice in a pitcher. Stir and let sit. We ended up letting ours sit overnight. You wouldn't have to do this, but it gives the flavors more time to blend together.

It was so tasty! I hope you think so too!

How have you been doing with your water goals?

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