Saturday, May 9, 2015

How I'm Feeling Right Now: Tapout XT Day 3 - Plyo XT

Holy flipping cow!!! Was this a tough workout!! 

Ok, first off I wasn't even in the mood to workout. The toddler kept hubby and I up most of the night and was up way before the sun. Then we had a soccer game, when we got home we were all STARVING and did I mention we were tired?? So we ate lunch, put kids down for nap, including wild sleep-deprived but adorable toddler... All is finally quiet so I decided to get my workout in because I can't quit on day 3 right and when else in this day am I going to fit it in???

So workout is commencing, I'm dripping sweat, I've already turned down the A/C at least twice, I have adjusted the fan a multitude of times, I keep getting sweat in my eyes, I keep reminding myself to watch my form, why did I wear these pants?, and about half way through I'm thinking the whole lunch then workout thing... Was NOT a good idea... 
I did't quit, I kept going. The last 15 or so minutes really were hard. My legs were already tired and those flipping 180 elbows just suck! But I didn't quit! I finished strong! And you know what? I'm so happy I did my workout today, because I killed it!!!
So if you don't feel like working out or you aren't sure if you can do it, push those thoughts aside and just do it! You never know how far you can push yourself, mind over matter people! Anything you do is better then nothing at all! Remember IT ALL COUNTS!!!! You got this and so do I!!!

Have you ever struggled to get through a workout?

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