Monday, May 18, 2015

Mid-Way Through May

Well, we are just past the middle of May! Already?? Where has the month gone?!?
I hope this isn't any indication of how fast summer will go by. I don't even want to think about that. Day by day. One day at a time!

I'm reflecting on my May Goals and how I'm doing with them and what is and isn't working. The first part of the month was extremely slow. After my 8 mile run I followed it with a 4 miler and that was it. I was out for a week was extremely exhausted and was just plain wiped out. I slept a lot, ate a lot, and dealt with a couple of migraines. I think I wasn't eating enough of my calories back, I got dehydrated and maybe was overtraining or maybe just was ill? I don't know, but I had to step back and re-evaluate and see what was and was not working and started working out a bit slower. 

If you remember from this post, these were my May Goals: 

May Goals:
*Continue to increase my Mileage per week (Running goal)
*Continue to do workout DVD's 3-4x week (Strength and Endurance)
*Start adding in more free weight workouts (Strength)
*30Day Butt Challenge (Strength and toning)
*Continue Drinking gallon water/day
*Focus more on Clean Eating and eating the right amount

So When I stepped back to look at this it seemed overwhelming, it seemed like a lot, but I wanted to do it, so how could I do it all and not end up completely wiped out like I had been?? I looked to see the race dates that I would like to run and see how much time I really needed to train for them. I'm looking at doing a half-marathon in September and October. So That gives me about a month to work on all the strength things I wanted to before I really need to kick my mileage up again. 

My original goal was to try and get in 20-25 miles a week in running. I would LOVE to do this and I know many people who do, but for me right now I don't think this is realistic. I need something more then cardio right now and I don't have a lot of extra time to commit to the increase in mileage and the added strength program. I'm thinking more realistically 15-20 miles will be more attainable and that will just vary on the week and our crazy schedule. 

Now back to all that strength, endurance and toning. All those goals just exhaust me reading them! So  I remembered that a few years ago my husband and I bought a workout set called Tapout XT. It's an MMA type workout program that has 13 different workouts and is supposed to give you great results in 90 days. I don't know that I will be able to do all 90 days, right now that seems like an incredible commitment for someone like me. I tend to get bored after awhile and move on. Anyhow, I remembered it and how intense it was and thought that ought to do the trick. It's 40-50minutes long and I will hit everything I want to accomplish in those DVD's. And I finally will use the DVD's and not feel guilty about the money we spent and I only did like 3 workouts. so Score! 

So that's where I'm at. I've already competed week 1 of TapoutXT and am into week 2. It's harder then all get out, but I'm kicking butt and in the process hopefully losing some of it too! My runs are difficult to get in because the Tapout workouts wear me out but I'm working on it still. I'm sure in another week or so I will have figured out which days I can and cannot run. In the meantime I'm at least trying to get in some sort of walk or jog on the days I can't actually run. Everything counts! 

Now as far as the eating goes...sigh... I wish I could do good at working out and at eating  right at...the...same...time!!!! Ugh, so frustrating. I am way more conscious of what I am eating. I'm a little slow still at making the better choices but I'm getting there. I finally have a weekly menu written out and have started some meal prep which is definitely key to any successful program for me. That's what worked before I just have to do it and stick with it!!! 

How is your May going so far? Are you sticking to your goals or have you had to readjust?

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