Friday, April 24, 2015

Progress & Goals Update

Well, it has been far to long since my last post! Goodness, I have to figure out how to work this in somehow! Ha

Anyhow, since I've last updated I'm doing much better. In an earlier post here and here,  I had talked about re-evaluating my goals and trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I can honestly tell you I have been doing so much better and feel so much better!!

I am still aiming to eat mostly clean, but I'm using the Old Weight Watchers Point system, from about 15 years ago, to help with portion control and my food choices.  I am totally ok with doing this old system. I lost about 40lbs when I used the old system and I never really gained the weight back until I got pregnant, so I thought I'd give it another go since it seems to be a lifestyle that works well for me.

I did join Weight Watchers in 2011 with the new Points Plus system and I just never could get into it as much. I have had to adjust the old way a little to the way I currently eat. You have to remember that when the old points system was out it was the age of "Fat Free" and "artificial sweeteners." I don't do Fat Free unless the food is naturally fat free and I don't do artificial sweeteners, so at first it was somewhat difficult to get around that but I have found a way and it works. Do you realize that most clean foods are naturally low in fat and high fiber? That helps to make the points count really low and still stay clean eating.

I am eating way more carbs then I have in the last year or so, but I make sure they are almost always 100% whole wheat or a heather carb. I even tried to make Eggplant Pizza the other night, but my Eggplant failed when I was roasting it. I will definitely be trying that again. I think with all the running I've been doing the carbs have been great. I'm able to go farther and faster with adding them back into my diet. I just needed more then what I was getting and that works for me, maybe it doesn't work for you, and that's ok.

I am getting in my water and I think that has helped me feel better too. My goal is a gallon of water and if you remember I was starting with a full gallon and drinking from the gallon to help me keep track. I still have days where I don't quite get the whole gallon drunk, but I'm always very close on those days.

So what is my progress so far... I'm down 5lbs from last week. Whether it be water weight fluctuations or because TOM left (TMI i'm sure), but that was the number on the scale. The best part is I tried on a smaller size jean and... they fit! I did not squirm or have to lay down to get in them, they simply went on and zipped up! YAY!!!! That is for sure a measure of progress!

Goals for the next week:
I'm going to keep going with what I've been doing.
Tracking my food regardless of whether it is clean or not and tracking regardless if I'm going to be over in points/calories.
I'm going to continue to aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise 3-4x week, regardless of the calories burned or the actual workout, I'm just going to move!
I'm going to continue to get in my water everyday.

I am going to add in one thing that will be extremely hard for me, I'm going to start tracking my fruits and vegetables, read: "Dirt-by-products" Those who know me well, know that I am not a huge fan of dirt-by-products, especially the vegetables! You do not need to tell me how good they are for you what this one does and what that one does I already know. It is something I struggle with so I'm being open with this new goal of mine and I'm hoping you will be there to help support me to do better.  I WILL include more vegetables and fruits in my diet!!!  And I found this nifty chart, intended for kids, that I'm going to use to help me keep track and "reward" myself if you will.  My goal is to aim for 5 fruits and vegetables (preferably veggies first) ;)

Have you been meeting your goals?
Do you have trouble getting in your fruits or vegetables?

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